Pumpkin lapbook

Since pumpkins are all around us during this fall season, what better topic to choose for a lapbook?  This was Olivia’s largest project ever, as there is an abundance of pumpkin activites out there in cyber-land.  Here is a glimpse of the lapbook.  

The cover is decorated with pumpkins made from Olivia’s knuckle prints.

The first pages include following directions, a Five Little Pumpkins mini-book, “Peter Pumpkin Eater”  rhyme, and how pumpkins grow mini-book.

The next pages are filled with a pumpkin puzzle, a counting mini-book, and a My Pumpkin mini-book (about shapes), and some pumpkin coloring.

Next Olivia did some color mixing.  The pumpkin came from a pattern book that I have, but pumpkin patterns are plentiful online.  The poem came from here.  The right page includes the pumpkin life cycle, a matching emotions game, and a Shine for Jesus mini-book (goes great with The Pumpkin Patch Parable!).

Next, Olivia practiced P’s (found here and here), practiced scissor skills (I can’t locate this link.) and patterns.

The last pages consist of Jack-O’Lantern matching, pumpkin puzzles (numbers), and an alphabet dot-to-dot. Olivia also included a project on what’s inside of a pumpkin.  I found the patterns here.  The insides are pumpkin seeds and orange yarn.

On the back cover, Olivia completed another alphabet dot-to-dot with lower case letters.

This was a huge project for Olivia, and it took three weeks to complete. She did have lots of fun with it!


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